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We provide you the service of getting a customized dress stitched according to the measurement provided in the form below and it is delivered along with the dress ordered. This measurement form is provided to only those customers who have opted for stitching while purchasing dress.

Important Note:

  • Please allow for a lead times of 5 working days extra for the customised dress to be stitched and sent. Note that this time is taken more apart from the actual delivery schedule of the dress ordered.
  • If you select the body measurement then you will get the item 1 to 3 inch bigger than your submitted size to make the item wearable.

General Information

Full Name:
Order Number:
Item Code:
Measurement Taken From:

Measurement Criteria : Inches


1. Shoulder (14-22):
2. Breast (34-44):
Do you want padding ?
3. Waist (Min-30, Max-42):
4. Hips (32-44):
5. Sleeve:
6. Armhole:
7. Elbow:
8. Wrist:
9. Kameez Length (38-52):


10. Waist:
11. Salwar Length (36-44):
12. Bottom / Ankle (8-16):
Add Ons:

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